Ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2

Today there is a big fan base for CSR Racing 2 and majority of the players are looking for beginner tips as well as guide for advanced levels. It is an interesting game and with the right guidelines, players can easily move to next levels in this game. Here are some tips and suggestions for this game.

Crews and RP

As the player moves in CSR Racing 2 and start doing things, he may again RP. In this game, RP is very important and it is needed to get progress in the game. In case if the payer is present in a crew, it is possible that he reaches milestones being a team and can gain rewards as they progress.

But it is also possible to play the game being an individual player but when the player is in a crew, it can give him a lot of benefits. To be in a better crew, player may need some amount of RP and it is not that easy. So, there is a solution for this: CSR Racing 2 hack.

One just try to build their own crew by offering place to beginners. Even though it costs some gold, but it is possible to gain more later in the game. When the player thinks he is ready, he can offer the leadership to someone else and go away from that beginner crew and try joining some top crew.

All about EVO and PP

EVO and PP are nothing but numbers which are under name of car. PP is nothing but the BHP of a car which is in stock and upgraded. EVO is that extra performance which is gained by using fusion parts and turning the car. If the number is 300+ 100 then, PP is 300 and EVO is 100.

When it comes to live races, from tier 1- 3, it is recommended to have low PP and EVO must be high. It is better idea to upgrade the tires, NOS, and Trans on the GTi. Keep everything else as stock. One must also add fusion parts to these upgrades and tune it. This is the best way to start grinding for the keys.

Cars with Stars

These are the ones which can bring a lot of RP compared to the non- starred car versions. Along with that these also bring some more fusion slots which can make the cars faster at the end of the race.

Fusion parts

Other than this, fusion parts also play an important role. Players should not use them on random cars when they are playing this CSR racing 2. They must use these on chosen, specific cars.

Grabbing fusion parts

It is good idea to win few bronze keys from the live racing. Other than this, collecting the free bronze crate Donna can also bring some advantage since it gives every four hours. Other than this one must also think of winning Daily Battle. It is also important to race each and every cup, trail race possible to win keys and fusion parts.

Finally one must buy cars and later strip them for the fusion parts. It is not possible to get M4 or Mustang stage 6 fusion parts by doing these but common ones, epic parts, and rare ones. But these can also be used on any BMW or Ford cars in this game.

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