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Pretty new to the App Store and Play Store is Kingdom Rush Vengeance. However, the title is already a deserved representative in our new series of the best mobile games for iOS and Android!

If you like to play tower defense games on your smartphone or tablet, it has been difficult to get past the “Kingdom Rush” series. With Kingdom Rush Vengeance, they have recently received another great new representative.

Anyone who has ever played Kingdom Rush will soon find their way around Vengeance. Another setting on the part of the evil wizard Vez’nan, but with the usual brilliant tower defense gameplay. In a known manner, you must stop enemy units on different paths by setting up and upgrading defense towers on predetermined locations.

In addition, Kingdom Rush Vengeance offers some of the peculiarities already known from other titles in the series, such as a free-moving hero and various powerful abilities.

The download costs 4.99$ dollars for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, the game is not completely free of in-app offers. They only allow the unlocking of other heroes, etc., but are absolutely not necessary for playing through to our knowledge.

That’s why you should play Kingdom Rush Vengeance!

As you know it from Ironhide from the past, the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance is again presented in a very humorous way. Your units comment on commands. For example, “I hate this job” the story is presented as a funny comic.

The graphic presentation is again implemented with great attention to details. That’s what makes Kingdom Rush Vengeance, along with great and strategic gameplay, a great mobile game.

This is how Kingdom Rush Vengeance is played

Building towers, unlocking upgrades, and commanding your heroes on the battlefield – all goes by simple touch gestures that are not only very intuitive, but are also explained in many languages at the beginning.

Would you like to take a look at what’s in back of the paid download? Then, check out the gameplay video below, which features a first-cut video of Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

3 Tips for Kingdom Rush Vengeance

If you are in a good position, you can send the enemy waves on their way before the time runs out. Tap on the round icon on the respective output. Why should you do that? Because your courage is rewarded with bonuses.

Build your towers tactically smart. Often it makes sense to place a ranged turret behind a tower with melee units. These keep the opposing waves, so that the archers can calmly open the fire.

Success in the game will earn you souls that you can reinvest in improvements. You can also customize your army more and more throughout the game. Choose wisely how best to help you in the fight and in your strategy.

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