Few tips for MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force is one among the very common and very popular game which is the choice of most of the game lovers. In the recent release there is an addition in this game and that is a new threat.

To combat this, a new enemy, the heroes and villains in the Stan Lee’s house should join forces. This is an uneasy and unique alliance which is prominently features in this mobile game MARVEL Strike Force.

To conquer these RPG which is marvelous, players should be very good at both advanced as well as basic mechanics of the gameplay. Saving the world is not something very easy. So, players should think about some guide which can assist them in winning this impossible mission.

Here are some tips for this game.

Victory path

When the player heads towards his new mission, there may be instructions for the player so that he should select only hero characters, or only villains or sometimes combination of these two.

When the player gets into Select Squad menu, he must tap on each and every character in the party and this will help in moving the characters to the left of the screen. This will also help the player to understand who the strong member in the team is and through this he can plan for the upcoming battle.

It is very good idea to keep the characters in the party which come with abilities like access to healing. There is an ideal party lineup and that should contain a Blaster, a Protector, a Support member, and 2 Brawlers.

Once the payer is in active battle, he should look at who is facing him. At this point, player should read that characters abilities by tapping, holding on their ability icon and this must be done during the combat.

It is also very important for few characters to get team up with some other characters and that must be based on the abilities. At the beginning, if the player runs into a Villain or Hero, then he must concentrate on attacking that individual.

Along with this, player should save all the special attacks until that particular or major foe arrives.

Nabbing the new gear

As the player completes assortment of missions, he will be able to collect some gear for each and every character, if you are out of Power Cores, then google for Marvel Strike Force hack and get some for your self. So, when he heads into the roster screen, there will be a green plus sign present near any villains or heroes. This means that that character has some equipment.

So, this can be used properly in the battle. When the player is able to fill all the slots of equipment for a character, there will be an option given to upgrade them to the next tier. By doing this, that character either it is villain or hero will get more and more powerful.

After this, player should fill in the equipment slots once again and that helps in reaching the next tier. Once the player is able to provide enough gear for a character, the next step is to collect Character Shards so that character becomes even more powerful and increase their count of Stars.

More and more stars means character is stronger than before.

That’s all for today, see you next time fellas!

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