Coin Master – A Complete Menu Guide

For the game lovers, the option of coin master is appearing with a good source of entertainment. It has some unique features with a different combination of concept. The main part of its interface or gameplay is slot machine. In reality, when anyone talks about slot machine, then everyone is thinking about casino games.

Availability of such factor in a casual game becomes a reason for changing point of view. The game is designed by featuring a good and impressive reward system. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to share some crucial details related to the game.

Main features

During its development, there is a user-friendly interface is added. With it, you can see an impressive and easy to access menu. The menu is designed with the addition of numerous features and impressive factors. Let’s talk about the options available in menu.

  • Setting

The setting option is associated with lots of element related to its interface. Here, you can make the basic changes and set these factors as per the requirement or interest.

  • Invite friends

While playing the game, you can make fun with friends. For such a task, your friend should be coin master player. By choosing invite friend option, you can ask him or her for becoming a part. In case the invitation is accepted then you will get some rewards in the form of coins and spins.

  • Leaderboard

In the game, the leaderboard is featured for checking the ranking among friends. It adds a competitive element that motivates all players for putting lots of efforts and holds a good position on leaderboard.

  • Map

By accessing the map option, it becomes easier to check out the village. With the upgrades, you are promoted to a new village. The map can help you in getting details about next one.

  • Village shop

In the village shop, there are different types of items available. Mainly these items are related to the village upgrades and other essentials. You should try to save coins for buying upgrades quickly and get promoted.

  • Chest

The chest option is representing some specific deals. Generally these details are related to the purchase of chests. For accessing such feature, you should unlock the level 2. Chest deals are –

  • Magical chest – 12,000,000
  • Golden chest – 6,000,000
  • Wooden chest – 2,000,000
  • Coins

The coins feature is representing deals for buying the coins and avail the in-app purchase offers. For buying the coins, the interested ones are required to spend real money. If you don’t want to spend your money for this game, there is always an option to use Coin Master cheats which will simulate app to add coins for your account.

  • Village

In case you want to visit the village area then you can easily get redirected by access village option from the menu. It helps in avoiding the confusion and saving lots of time.

  • Play

Use of play option is becoming useful in getting redirected to the slot machine. Here, you are able to spin slot machine and get guidance for further steps.

Final words

These are some main features or parts of the coin master menu. You can see some other options in the menu. All these options are providing assistance in understanding the interface easily.

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