Boxing Star: cheats, tips, tricks, hacks, and guide.

Boxing Star, frequently called “the manly craft of self-defense,” is a game in which two participants attempt to hit each other with their glove-encased fist while endeavoring to avoid one another’s blows. The challenge is separated into a predefined number of rounds, as a rule, 3 minutes long, with a 1-minute break between rounds.

It is one of the most extremely competitive sports, an inspiration behind a never-ending stream of video games. Among many mainstream boxing games, one not so mainstream boxing game, by the name Boxing Star exists.

Four Thirty-Three was the brains behind this thrilling and full of an action game. The game is available on both Android and iOS platform. Hence no one is left behind. You start the game by customizing your very own boxer and then following through its career and staring as merely just another street fighter, and making it up to as the world champion. But it is not that easy and simple as it may sound.

There are a lot of hurdles, that will be coming your way, and ready to welcome you as you advance. And also, as you progress, so will your enemies, so the higher you get, the difficulty level increase simultaneously. Moreover, you  must strategically plan each move of yours, keeping in mind the levels coming forth.

However, since humans always make mistakes, or maybe a flaw in your planning, may not let you advance further, however there is nothing to be worried about, because, you can always look towards us for a few Boxing Star cheats and tricks to help you in becoming the world champion.

  • Stop those loose shots:

Lose shots will cost you stamina, and no one wants to lose the stamina. Whenever you perform any action, your stamina reduces. Hence, only time your attack, and perform an action when it is actually required.

  • Choosing the right action:

Choosing the right action is quite crucial, as you do not want to throw away lose shots and lose stamina. As you proceed in the game, you will constantly be unlocking more fighting skills options. There is no right or wrong style in choosing the right skill; it all depends upon the style of your game. For instance, if your competitor is in a defensive position, and you’re constantly punching him, you are just losing your stamina. The only time you actually need to start punching him is when he is close to you and in an open state.

  • Earn extra S-Coins:

You’re probably eager to earn more coins every time, as you need to buy those appealing swank items. But do not worry, if you’re out of s-coins, because there are a few hacks into earning some s-coins pretty easily. Firstly, you can link your game to your facebook, which not just offers you coins, but your game gets synced with your Facebook ID, which will help you retrieve your game at any step in life. Another way is by completing achievements, for which, you can head over to the veteran tab. Try to complete as many achievements as possible, because this will help you earn s-coins.

  • Practice makes a man perfect:

In order to get your game stronger, and practice the game with the actual player out there, you can head towards the social area of the game, where you can customize your avatar, and even attach a picture of yours to it. The damage in these fights is caused twice as much as normal ones, doubling your chances to win, with half the effort. However, you do not receive any rewards upon winning in this mode, but it strengthens your game, and also you may be able to make a few new friends.


Now, that you know quite a few hacks and tricks, you’re ready to perfect your game and defeat that opponent of yours that would not let you proceed further towards your fate to become the world champion.

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