Linda Brown Interactive Story – An Overall Guide to Go Through!

Well, the game about which you are discussing here is the most addictive role-playing game. In the same game, players have to play the role of a main character that is Linda Brown. In it there are numerous different types of stories present which players have to accomplish as to go far in Linda Brown Interactive Story. The size of the game is almost 195 MB and it is for both IOS as well as for Android platform.

The game deals in almost realistic stories which provide a real-life love story, mysterious story and romance story experience. Not only is this, in Linda Brown Interactive Story players are provided with lots of new and stunning episodes after a regular time.

It also consist lots of classic events in it which turn the entire game into a mind-blowing role-playing game. Linda Brown Interactive Story is developed and published by The Other Guys. Players easily play the same game in an appropriate manner.

Learn all things about gameplay

Well, the same game thing means that players of Linda Brown Interactive Story have to pay more attention on the gameplay. In gameplay they easily learn all basic things about the game like how to play it, what things are present in it and all other things also.

Dealing with the game tutorial help players in performing all major tasks in it. After one can learn the gameplay, they easily become able to play game in an appropriate manner, earn a good of in-game currency in Linda Brown Interactive Story and also do all things whatever is necessary in Linda Brown Interactive Story.

Complete more and more events

Moreover, in Linda Brown Interactive Story there are various types of events, objectives and challenges present. One main thing about Linda Brown Interactive Story is that players have to in the game they have to accomplish more numbers of events in it.

Every week there are some new events added in the game and about them every single individual need to know. It is because if players complete more number of events in Linda Brown Interactive Story, then they easily earn tickets and diamonds in it.

Know to make deal with stories?

If you area newbie to Linda Brown Interactive Story, then it is important to you know that how to make deal with the story you choose in Linda Brown Interactive Story. For example, if players elect a story in the game, then they have to learn all basic things about it in the starting. They should know all the characters in the game and also know about everything that relates to their story.

Another crucial thing is that players have to pay more attention on the earning process of in-game currency which re in the form of Linda Brown Interactive Story tickets and diamonds. Players also earn these two main types of in-game currency in more amount by connecting the game with Facebook or by sign-up in Linda Brown Interactive Story.

Head Ball 2 โ€“ A Dedicated Sports Game

Now, this is the time to show some kicking skills in this marvelous online football game called Head Ball 2. Basically, players are able to join the online football community and get the opportunity to prove themselves in a tough football league. In these leagues, you will get a chance to play against different teams and many other millions of players. Therefore, get ready to be a champion and try to work hard for becoming a legend of the game. Instead of this, you just need to concentrate on the collecting of the currency that will help you to unlock and buy the items.

Moreover, the game is really amazing so now you will get the chance to improve the character by using different kinds of accessories in order to create the dream football players team. Plethora types of characters and accessories are available in the game so every player must pay attention to the character. Instead of this, you can work harder for unlocking the accessories and other characters that will help you to enhance the skill to dominate the football field. Now I am going to share some valuable Head Ball 2 Cheats related to the game in upcoming paragraphs.

Try to use the super powers!

Players are able to take benefits of 18 super powers ranging defensive to the offensive in order to beat the other team during the match. If you are wondering that when you should use these kinds of super powers, then its answer would be the critical moment. In addition to this, when the football match is running on, and you find that you are getting defeated by the opponents then at this time, you must use these great and super powers in front of opponents this can help you to make the goal in the front net .

Unlock some new locations

The graphics of the game are really mind-blowing that players can experience in the game when they unlock different kinds of stadiums. In short, you will get the chance to travel around the world and at different kinds of locations. Therefore, all you need to do is play with a proper boost in order to make a high score. Basically, there are more than 9 stadiums in the game so you will get the chance to unlock them quickly and easily. You just need to start the best football game journey and walk via the road of glory.

Connect your Facebook account

Game is really superb, and you can easily play it , but the first step would be the attach the Facebook account with the game. Due to this, you are able to play this amazing football game along with the friends. Nevertheless, the process of sign-in will be become really shorted because the game will automatically collect the name and other basic information from your social networking account. Once you start the game, then you will find the list of friends from which you can easily invite any friend of yours for playing the football match. 

Coin Master Settings

Coin Master โ€“ A Complete Menu Guide

For the game lovers, the option of coin master is appearing with a good source of entertainment. It has some unique features with a different combination of concept. The main part of its interface or gameplay is slot machine. In reality, when anyone talks about slot machine, then everyone is thinking about casino games.

Availability of such factor in a casual game becomes a reason for changing point of view. The game is designed by featuring a good and impressive reward system. In the following paragraphs, Iโ€™m going to share some crucial details related to the game.

Main features

During its development, there is a user-friendly interface is added. With it, you can see an impressive and easy to access menu. The menu is designed with the addition of numerous features and impressive factors. Letโ€™s talk about the options available in menu.

  • Setting

The setting option is associated with lots of element related to its interface. Here, you can make the basic changes and set these factors as per the requirement or interest.

  • Invite friends

While playing the game, you can make fun with friends. For such a task, your friend should be coin master player. By choosing invite friend option, you can ask him or her for becoming a part. In case the invitation is accepted then you will get some rewards in the form of coins and spins.

  • Leaderboard

In the game, the leaderboard is featured for checking the ranking among friends. It adds a competitive element that motivates all players for putting lots of efforts and holds a good position on leaderboard.

  • Map

By accessing the map option, it becomes easier to check out the village. With the upgrades, you are promoted to a new village. The map can help you in getting details about next one.

  • Village shop

In the village shop, there are different types of items available. Mainly these items are related to the village upgrades and other essentials. You should try to save coins for buying upgrades quickly and get promoted.

  • Chest

The chest option is representing some specific deals. Generally these details are related to the purchase of chests. For accessing such feature, you should unlock the level 2. Chest deals are โ€“

  • Magical chest โ€“ 12,000,000
  • Golden chest โ€“ 6,000,000
  • Wooden chest โ€“ 2,000,000
  • Coins

The coins feature is representing deals for buying the coins and avail the in-app purchase offers. For buying the coins, the interested ones are required to spend real money. If you don’t want to spend your money for this game, there is always an option to use Coin Master cheats which will simulate app to add coins for your account.

  • Village

In case you want to visit the village area then you can easily get redirected by access village option from the menu. It helps in avoiding the confusion and saving lots of time.

  • Play

Use of play option is becoming useful in getting redirected to the slot machine. Here, you are able to spin slot machine and get guidance for further steps.

Final words

These are some main features or parts of the coin master menu. You can see some other options in the menu. All these options are providing assistance in understanding the interface easily.

Ultimes CSR 2 guide

Ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2

Today there is a big fan base for CSR Racing 2 and majority of the players are looking for beginner tips as well as guide for advanced levels. It is an interesting game and with the right guidelines, players can easily move to next levels in this game. Here are some tips and suggestions for this game.

Crews and RP

As the player moves in CSR Racing 2 and start doing things, he may again RP. In this game, RP is very important and it is needed to get progress in the game. In case if the payer is present in a crew, it is possible that he reaches milestones being a team and can gain rewards as they progress.

But it is also possible to play the game being an individual player but when the player is in a crew, it can give him a lot of benefits. To be in a better crew, player may need some amount of RP and it is not that easy. So, there is a solution for this: CSR Racing 2 hack.

One just try to build their own crew by offering place to beginners. Even though it costs some gold, but it is possible to gain more later in the game. When the player thinks he is ready, he can offer the leadership to someone else and go away from that beginner crew and try joining some top crew.

All about EVO and PP

EVO and PP are nothing but numbers which are under name of car. PP is nothing but the BHP of a car which is in stock and upgraded. EVO is that extra performance which is gained by using fusion parts and turning the car. If the number is 300+ 100 then, PP is 300 and EVO is 100.

When it comes to live races, from tier 1- 3, it is recommended to have low PP and EVO must be high. It is better idea to upgrade the tires, NOS, and Trans on the GTi. Keep everything else as stock. One must also add fusion parts to these upgrades and tune it. This is the best way to start grinding for the keys.

Cars with Stars

These are the ones which can bring a lot of RP compared to the non- starred car versions. Along with that these also bring some more fusion slots which can make the cars faster at the end of the race.

Fusion parts

Other than this, fusion parts also play an important role. Players should not use them on random cars when they are playing this CSR racing 2. They must use these on chosen, specific cars.

Grabbing fusion parts

It is good idea to win few bronze keys from the live racing. Other than this, collecting the free bronze crate Donna can also bring some advantage since it gives every four hours. Other than this one must also think of winning Daily Battle. It is also important to race each and every cup, trail race possible to win keys and fusion parts.

Finally one must buy cars and later strip them for the fusion parts. It is not possible to get M4 or Mustang stage 6 fusion parts by doing these but common ones, epic parts, and rare ones. But these can also be used on any BMW or Ford cars in this game.

You are the BOSS of Marvel

Few tips for MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force is one among the very common and very popular game which is the choice of most of the game lovers. In the recent release there is an addition in this game and that is a new threat.

To combat this, a new enemy, the heroes and villains in the Stan Leeโ€™s house should join forces. This is an uneasy and unique alliance which is prominently features in this mobile game MARVEL Strike Force.

To conquer these RPG which is marvelous, players should be very good at both advanced as well as basic mechanics of the gameplay. Saving the world is not something very easy. So, players should think about some guide which can assist them in winning this impossible mission.

Here are some tips for this game.

Victory path

When the player heads towards his new mission, there may be instructions for the player so that he should select only hero characters, or only villains or sometimes combination of these two.

When the player gets into Select Squad menu, he must tap on each and every character in the party and this will help in moving the characters to the left of the screen. This will also help the player to understand who the strong member in the team is and through this he can plan for the upcoming battle.

It is very good idea to keep the characters in the party which come with abilities like access to healing. There is an ideal party lineup and that should contain a Blaster, a Protector, a Support member, and 2 Brawlers.

Once the payer is in active battle, he should look at who is facing him. At this point, player should read that characters abilities by tapping, holding on their ability icon and this must be done during the combat.

It is also very important for few characters to get team up with some other characters and that must be based on the abilities. At the beginning, if the player runs into a Villain or Hero, then he must concentrate on attacking that individual.

Along with this, player should save all the special attacks until that particular or major foe arrives.

Nabbing the new gear

As the player completes assortment of missions, he will be able to collect some gear for each and every character, if you are out of Power Cores, then google for Marvel Strike Force hack and get some for your self. So, when he heads into the roster screen, there will be a green plus sign present near any villains or heroes. This means that that character has some equipment.

So, this can be used properly in the battle. When the player is able to fill all the slots of equipment for a character, there will be an option given to upgrade them to the next tier. By doing this, that character either it is villain or hero will get more and more powerful.

After this, player should fill in the equipment slots once again and that helps in reaching the next tier. Once the player is able to provide enough gear for a character, the next step is to collect Character Shards so that character becomes even more powerful and increase their count of Stars.

More and more stars means character is stronger than before.

That’s all for today, see you next time fellas!

Boxing Star Header

Boxing Star: cheats, tips, tricks, hacks, and guide.

Boxing Star, frequently called “the manly craft of self-defense,” is a game in which two participants attempt to hit each other with their glove-encased fist while endeavoring to avoid one another’s blows. The challenge is separated into a predefined number of rounds, as a rule, 3 minutes long, with a 1-minute break between rounds.

It is one of the most extremely competitive sports, an inspiration behind a never-ending stream of video games. Among many mainstream boxing games, one not so mainstream boxing game, by the name Boxing Star exists.

Four Thirty-Three was the brains behind this thrilling and full of an action game. The game is available on both Android and iOS platform. Hence no one is left behind. You start the game by customizing your very own boxer and then following through its career and staring as merely just another street fighter, and making it up to as the world champion. But it is not that easy and simple as it may sound.

There are a lot of hurdles, that will be coming your way, and ready to welcome you as you advance. And also, as you progress, so will your enemies, so the higher you get, the difficulty level increase simultaneously. Moreover, youย  must strategically plan each move of yours, keeping in mind the levels coming forth.

However, since humans always make mistakes, or maybe a flaw in your planning, may not let you advance further, however there is nothing to be worried about, because, you can always look towards us for a few Boxing Star cheats and tricks to help you in becoming the world champion.

  • Stop those loose shots:

Lose shots will cost you stamina, and no one wants to lose the stamina. Whenever you perform any action, your stamina reduces. Hence, only time your attack, and perform an action when it is actually required.

  • Choosing the right action:

Choosing the right action is quite crucial, as you do not want to throw away lose shots and lose stamina. As you proceed in the game, you will constantly be unlocking more fighting skills options. There is no right or wrong style in choosing the right skill; it all depends upon the style of your game. For instance, if your competitor is in a defensive position, and youโ€™re constantly punching him, you are just losing your stamina. The only time you actually need to start punching him is when he is close to you and in an open state.

  • Earn extra S-Coins:

Youโ€™re probably eager to earn more coins every time, as you need to buy those appealing swank items. But do not worry, if youโ€™re out of s-coins, because there are a few hacks into earning some s-coins pretty easily. Firstly, you can link your game to your facebook, which not just offers you coins, but your game gets synced with your Facebook ID, which will help you retrieve your game at any step in life. Another way is by completing achievements, for which, you can head over to the veteran tab. Try to complete as many achievements as possible, because this will help you earn s-coins.

  • Practice makes a man perfect:

In order to get your game stronger, and practice the game with the actual player out there, you can head towards the social area of the game, where you can customize your avatar, and even attach a picture of yours to it. The damage in these fights is caused twice as much as normal ones, doubling your chances to win, with half the effort. However, you do not receive any rewards upon winning in this mode, but it strengthens your game, and also you may be able to make a few new friends.


Now, that you know quite a few hacks and tricks, youโ€™re ready to perfect your game and defeat that opponent of yours that would not let you proceed further towards your fate to become the world champion.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Our First Review > The Best Mobile Game at the time: Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Pretty new to the App Store and Play Store is Kingdom Rush Vengeance. However, the title is already a deserved representative in our new series of the best mobile games for iOS and Android!

If you like to play tower defense games on your smartphone or tablet, it has been difficult to get past the “Kingdom Rush” series. With Kingdom Rush Vengeance, they have recently received another great new representative.

Anyone who has ever played Kingdom Rush will soon find their way around Vengeance. Another setting on the part of the evil wizard Vez’nan, but with the usual brilliant tower defense gameplay. In a known manner, you must stop enemy units on different paths by setting up and upgrading defense towers on predetermined locations.

In addition, Kingdom Rush Vengeance offers some of the peculiarities already known from other titles in the series, such as a free-moving hero and various powerful abilities.

The download costs 4.99$ dollars for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, the game is not completely free of in-app offers. They only allow the unlocking of other heroes, etc., but are absolutely not necessary for playing through to our knowledge.

That’s why you should play Kingdom Rush Vengeance!

As you know it from Ironhide from the past, the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance is again presented in a very humorous way. Your units comment on commands. For example, “I hate this job” the story is presented as a funny comic.

The graphic presentation is again implemented with great attention to details. That’s what makes Kingdom Rush Vengeance, along with great and strategic gameplay, a great mobile game.

This is how Kingdom Rush Vengeance is played

Building towers, unlocking upgrades, and commanding your heroes on the battlefield – all goes by simple touch gestures that are not only very intuitive, but are also explained in many languages at the beginning.

Would you like to take a look at what’s in back of the paid download? Then, check out the gameplay video below, which features a first-cut video of Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

3 Tips for Kingdom Rush Vengeance

If you are in a good position, you can send the enemy waves on their way before the time runs out. Tap on the round icon on the respective output. Why should you do that? Because your courage is rewarded with bonuses.

Build your towers tactically smart. Often it makes sense to place a ranged turret behind a tower with melee units. These keep the opposing waves, so that the archers can calmly open the fire.

Success in the game will earn you souls that you can reinvest in improvements. You can also customize your army more and more throughout the game. Choose wisely how best to help you in the fight and in your strategy.